60 Researchers from 20 countries contributed 7 articles to the 2012 Special Issue of the journal Autism Research, the official journal of the International Society for Autism Research.


Despite major differences in prevalence of autism where it has been measures, the condition  is a growing public health priority in many communities around the world.
Many of the world’s children who are affected by autism live in communities where services are limited or not available, and many also face issues of survival and physical health.
There are major knowledge gaps in understanding the prevalence of autism in many parts of the world and the impact of preventable factors, including poverty, political and social adversity.
Experiences of researchers featured in this issue demonstrate the value of giving equal priority to advancing scientific discovery while simultaneously addressing the needs of those affected by autism around the world.

Summary Report

Elsabbagh & Bailey (Eds.). Global Perpectives on Autism, Autism Research. Download