90 clinicians, researchers, and advocates attended the inaugural SIG meeting on May 18th, 2012 held during the International Meeting for Autism Research in Toronto, Canada. They represented 84 institutions from 16 countries.


Based on the experiences of diverse communities, the following translational priorities would support knowledge translation of evidence in early identification and intervention:
  • Empowering and engaging families and community stakeholders,
  • Enhancing understanding of diverse communities’ priorities, capacity, and resources,
  • Supporting the integration of early identification programs within the existing health and educational systems,
  • Pairing awareness and identification programs with support for those affected,
  • Adopting broader child health/education/human rights perspectives that encompass a range of developmental conditions as well as autism.

Summary Report 

INSAR Global Special Interest Group on Early Identification and Intervention for Autism (2012). A roadmap, 2012 Report.  Download

Special thanks to the expert panel

Andy Shih, Autism Speaks, USA
Amy Wetherby, Florida State University, USA
Jumana Odeh from Palestinian Happy Child Center, Palestine
Jonathan Green from the University of Manchester, UK
Daisy Christensen, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA

Research publications

Yusuf, . A. A.,  Prasanna, S., Anthony, L.G., Charman, T., Malow, B.A., Rice, C.E., Shih, A., Tager-Flusberg, H., de Vries, P., and Elsabbagh, M. (2013). Findings from the INSAR Special Interest Group: Global Knowledge Translation for Research on Early Identification and Intervention in Autism. Poster presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research. Download

Elsabbagh, M., Yusuf, A., Prasanna, S., Shikako-Thomas, K., Ruff, C.A.,. Fehlings. M.G. (2014). Community engagement and knowledge translation: Progress and challenge in autism research. Autism

Other Events & Outputs